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Fatigue (Part I)

October 15, 2014



We have all had times in our lives when we have felt tired. Sometimes this is normal but how do you know when you are more tired than you should be?


What do you mean by fatigue?

When we speak of fatigue, we are talking about feeling excessively tired. Though it often occurs with feeling sleepy and weak, people can feel tired without also being sleepy or weak.


How much fatigue is normal?

Everyone feels tired in their day to day life. When is it a problem? When you are following an appropriate lifestyle and still feel more tired than you think you should, this may be an indication that you have excessive fatigue. This is especially important if the fatigue is interfering in your daily life—including your ability to work, build relationships, or “play” (engage in normal leisure activities)


What are some of the causes of fatigue?

Of course, there are a variety of lifestyle issues that can contribute to excessive tiredness. Some of the more common medical causes of fatigue include anemia, thyroid disease, adrenal disease, allergies, medications, anxiety, depression, heart disease, autoimmune disease, sleep disorders, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome.


What are some of the lifestyle issues that cause fatigue?

The lifestyle issues that can make excessive tiredness more of a problem include those issues regarding appropriate diet, exercise and sleep behaviors. In regards to diet, it is important to refrain from excessive caffeine or alcohol. Mild to moderate daily exercise can also help with fatigue. If you do not sleep well and do not feel appropriately refreshed upon awakening, you may be suffering from a sleep disorder.


What are some of these medicines that can cause fatigue?

Though fatigue is a common side effect of many medications, some of the medications that can commonly cause fatigue include certain allergy medications, pain medications, depression medications and anxiety medications.


When should I see the doctor?

If you are following the appropriate lifestyle and you still feel so tired that it is interfering with your daily functioning, you may be suffering from one of the medical causes of fatigue. In this case, you may want to sit down with your doctor and discuss whether a medical evaluation is appropriate.


In the next part of this article, we will discuss some of the diseases listed above and how they can cause you to feel excessively tired.


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