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Baked, Broiled, Roasted.

October 15, 2014



Are we talking about cooking?  No, we’re talking about getting that tan.  Whether you get out there in the sun or go to a tanning bed, you are cooking your skin.  Sometimes just a little bit, sometimes it’s extra-crispy. And in spite of what you’ve heard, there is no such thing as a healthy tan.


What are the risks of too much sun?

Skin Cancer

Premature Aging of the skin

Eye damage

Immune system suppression


I don’t get sunburns, should I still worry about sun exposure?

If someone offered you a radioactive substance to put in you pocket, would you?  Most people would say “No”  and yet most people still try to get a tan.


The sun causes damage through radiation (UVA and UVB).  So even if you don’t burn, sun exposure is still harmful.


I’ve heard that tanning beds don’t use the harmful rays.

This is a complete fallacy. Tanning beds deliver both UVA and UVB rays to the skin.  Some have proposed that by tanning, you can protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation.  This is not accurate.  You cannot protect your skin by damaging it.


Aren’t there beneficial effects of sun exposure?

 The sun’s rays help us metabolize Vitamin D.  But basically, you can get all the benefits of the sun with routine, incidental exposure.  Only those people who are truly confined indoors without any sun exposure are at risk of problems.  You don’t need to sunbathe or go to a tanning bed.  In fact even routine activities can give you enough UVB exposure to cause burns.  So daily sun protection should be practiced.


I always use sunscreen before I lay out.

No sunscreen, no matter how high the SPF factor will filter out 100% of harmful radiation.  So even if you wear sunscreen, you are getting radiation exposure. Sunscreen with an SPF of 15 filters out 95% of harmful radiation; an SPF of 30% filters out 97% of radiation. You must still limit how much sun exposure you get.


I've also heard that sunscreen can be harmful

There is some controversy about the use of sunscreen and whether it can give a false sense of security or whether it is significantly absorbed.  These issues are currently undergoing scientific investigation.  But there is more to sun protection than sunscreen and the best approach is one that uses multiple methods for protection.


What should I do to protect myself from the sun?

Avoid outdoor activities during the middle of the day when the amount of radiation is greatest.

Use sunscreen routinely but remember—no sunscreen will filter out ALL harmful radiation.

Reapply sunscreen often

Wear wrap-around eye protection that blocks out UV rays.

Wear a hat

Try to get into the shade as much as possible.

Wear clothing that offers as much coverage as is comfortably possible.



For more information, check out:


Sun Exposure- MedlinePlus

Potential Health Risks of Sunscreen-Wikipedia



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