10 things a man can do to be healthy


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10 things a man can do to be healthy

October 15, 2014



Show up-Men need to be healthy, too.  One of the biggest problems in taking care of men is that men usually do not seek health information or advice until they have become ill and even then, only after they have become very ill.  Usually when I see a man as a patient it is only after his wife/daughter/girlfriend has begged/pleaded/threatened him in to coming.


Ask questions-find out which health concerns you should be thinking about.  Ask you doctor what you can do to prevent illness, live longer and improve your quality of life.


Communicate-Speak to your doctor candidly.  Let him or her know your symptoms, habits, and family history.


Quit Smoking-Smoking causes the largest number of preventable deaths in the United States.  It is a risk factor for heart disease, stroke, peripheral vascular disease and numerous cancers.  Talk to your doctor or seek out a community-based Smoking cessation program.


Eat Right-Poor diet can lead to or complicate numerous medical problems including elevated cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.


Be physically active-“Working out” is helpful but there are other ways to be more physically active.  Wear a pedometer to find out how active you are in your daily activities.  Gradually increase your physical activity until you reach a goal of 10,000 steps per day.


Limit alcohol intake-Alcohol is the third preventable cause of death in the United States after Smoking and Obesity.  If you do drink, please drink only in moderation and remember—never drink and drive.


Reconsider your high risk behaviors-Just as poor diet, lack of exercise, alcohol consumption, and cigarette smoking are preventable causes of death.  Risk taking behaviors are also under your control.  High risk sexual behavior, motor vehicle crashes, firearms incidents, and illicit drug use are in the top ten causes of preventable causes of death.  Take a look at your lifestyle and get the help you need to change these behaviors. 


Get screening health tests-Recommended screening tests will vary based on your age, family history, personal habits, and coexisting medical conditions.  Talk to your doctor about which screening health tests are valuable for you.


Take preventative medications-Like screening health tests, preventative medicines are recommended for some people.  Again, these will be based on your relative risks and personal health history.  Deciding how to deal with this issue should be part of a candid, detailed conversation with your doctor.


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