Allerginic Rhinitis

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Allergic rhinitis is defined as "a group of symptoms affecting the nose. These symptoms occur when you breathe in something you are allergic to, such as dust, dander, insect venom, or pollen".  You know when it hits that it's going to be a rough day. You have trouble breathing, you can't sleep well, and even eating..


Do you or a loved one find yourself avoiding the outdoors at certain times of the year? Do you have to stay away from pets or friends and family that have pets? Allergic Rhinitis and the allergens that cause it can rule your life but it doesn't have to. We can help you manage and overcome these triggers to get back to living without fear of allergies.


Contact us today to make an appointment. We make it a priority that our patients feel listened to and truly cared for. You are not just another number here. You are a person and will be treated with compassion.   




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I was having really bad headaches and had surgery two times with no results. After starting allergy injections for about two months all of my headaches went away and have stayed away for the past two years. I wish I had come in sooner. The office is very professional and caring. Would highly recommend. ~ Beth Tate, Panama City Beach





2687 Jenks Ave
Panama City, FL 32405

850-747-3665 office


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