Allergy Testing and Treatment

You are not just another number here. You are a person.


At the Asthma and Allergy clinic we believe that knowledge is power. To us, that means that knowing what your allergic to, how your body reacts, and what treatments work best for your immune system gives you the power to control your allergy instead of it controlling you. We accomplish this with testing and treatment tailored to your specific needs. 



Allergen testing is generally safe for all ages and meets FDA requirements. You may need or want to have an allergy test performed if you have


itchy eyes, nose or throat; congestion, runny nose, watery eyes, cough or wheezing 

skin eczema or itchiness 

vomiting or cramping and diarrhea consistently after eating certain types of foods 

severe reactions to stinging insect stings 

Anaphylaxis (pronounced an-a-fi-LAK-sis): a serious allergic reaction that affects many parts of the body at the same time 


There are a few reliable options for testing. These include blood tests and skin tests(aka "prick" tests). 



Allergy treatment generally occurs in three phases.


Prevention involves avoiding or reducing contact with your known allergens

Medication is a great way to suppress the symptoms associated with your particular allergens

Immunotherapy more commonly known as "allergy shots" help to teach your body to handle allergens without an adverse reaction. Many people who undergo immunotherapy become immune to things which once caused them great distress.


Contact us today to make an appointment. We make it a priority that our patients feel listened to and truly cared for. You are not just another number here. You are a person and will be treated with compassion.




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Dr Khare is a wonderful, compassionate person who commits herself to excellence in healthcare. The staff at Asthma and Allergy Clinic are spectacular and always responsive to questions or concerns. I couldn't recommend a better doctor or office. ~ Christy and Jonathan Goodwin, Panama City





2687 Jenks Ave
Panama City, FL 32405

850-747-3665 office


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